每一个作品,都携带有一个故事,而如何向受众进行传达这一故事性也是一件非常重要的事情——这是来自冰岛的 Aurum 珠宝品牌所主要强调的。

Aurum 品牌在冰岛的知名度很高,受到冰岛大自然的启发,品牌的所有设计都非常个性化,最为吸引人的,则是其想向旁人所展示出来的那一份设计所自带的大自然的气息。


Aurum 不只是一件珠宝那么简单,它注重环保和坚持可持续发展的理念,每件珠宝的设计和加工都离不开环保的概念,珠宝的制作条件来源于采购回收和再精炼贵金属,而不是汲取于大自然。




比如 Aurum 每件作品的加工原料由再生纯银制造,同时注重作品的细节。在其 TUTTU 系列中,工作室采用的是驯鹿的再生蹄。



另一方面,KOLGA 是工作室最近新出现的系列,以北海北欧神灵最年长的一个女儿名字命名,以纪念这片雄伟大海的精神,而这款设计的意义也是言于此。




大海、风、峡湾……关于冰岛美好的大自然的一切,是 Aurum 工作室作品创造的灵感之源。在这里,设计创作关心冰岛大自然的一草一木,也注重作品的每一个细节。最重要的是,创作者想把每一个作品所想要表达的故事带给更多的人。而我们也对这样细致的作品充满了兴趣,为此也采访到了 Aurum 品牌的负责人,我们来看看她怎么说——


1. Where does Aurum's product design philosophy and inspiration come from?

Aurum 的产品设计理念和灵感来自哪里?

Icelandic nature gives me endless inspiring ideas to work with. I regularly spend quality time out in the nature by myself to reload. The West Fjords, with their tranquillity and unspoiled nature, are a particular favourite. The energy there provides me with endless creative ideas. There is nothing better than losing yourself in the stillness, to sense the beauty and experience forms that take on fantastic shapes and turn into little treasures, All my collections tells  stories. Storie that startes developing when I am out  in the nature by myself before all the process starts. I like to convey a feeling and  atomsphere with my jewellery.




2. Aurum is very concerned about the environment. Is there any plan to design products with environmental protection theme? If so, could you share it with us?

Aurum 非常关注自然环境,有没有计划设计以环保为主题的作品呢?如果有的话,你愿意和我们分享一下吗?

In keeping with the brand's core ethos of creating responsible, mindful and sustainable jewellery, each piece is crafted from recycled sterling silver at the brand's integrated workshop in Reykjavik. All Aurum's packaging too is sustainable and ethically sourced, having been lovingly created from the paper from a Mulberry tree to resemble one of the stones found on the beaches of the Western Fjords in Iceland. In the passed I have been using recycled hooves of Greenlandic reindeer in my TUTTU collection. I would love to make more themes that includes recycled hooves, hopfully in the nearest future.

为了保持品牌创造的需要,坚持可持续发展观念与品牌的核心理念保持着一致。每件作品均由雷克雅未克品牌工作室的再生纯银制作而成,包括 Aurum 的所有包装都是可持续的,符合环保理念,其纸张来自 Mulberry 树,类似于冰岛西部峡湾海滩上的一块石头。在 TUTTU 系列中,我使用的是格陵兰岛的驯鹿再生蹄,我也希望在不久的将来能够创作更多包含再生蹄的作品。


3. Aurum's design incorporates Icelandic elements. Can you introduce us some works inspired by Icelandic elements?

Aurum 的设计融合了冰岛元素,你能介绍一下关于作品灵感是如何源自于冰岛元素的吗?


SAND is one of my latest collections and in that collection I am working with the pearl Reflecting a sense of timelessness and eternity. In one grain of sand, we can see the whole world and all the connections that each and every individual component in it share. We must take good care of even the smallest components that are revealed to us in nature, as each of them has the potential to grow. The pearl has its origins in a single grain of sand.

SAND 是我最新系列之一,我运用的元素是珍珠,为的是反映永恒与永恒的感觉。珍珠起源于一粒沙子,而在一粒沙子中,我们可以看到整个世界以及组成这个世界各个部分的联系所在。我们必须关注自然界向我们展示的最小成分,因为在它们中的每一个都有可能在某一天变得耀眼,这也是我想在 SAND 系列中所表达的。


KOLGA is another newly launced collection named for and inspired by the eldest of the nine daughters of the Norse gods of the Northern Seas. Meaning‘Cold One’the KOLGA collection honours the spirits of this majestic sea. Known as the ice maiden of the ocean, Kolga rests lightly on a strong foundation. Her form is reminiscent of a delicate creature that gets its nourishment from the sea but rests on land. She is sharp but sparkling and in her, and in the jewellery, we feel the transience of a moment.

KOLGA 以北海北欧神灵的九个女儿中最年长的女性命名,受其启发,Kolga系列的意思是“冷酷的一个”,以纪念这片雄伟大海的精神。Kolga被称为海洋中的冰女,背后依靠着大海坚实的怀抱。她的形象让人联想到一种精致的生物,它从海中获取营养,但却依赖于陆地,但另一方面,她又是敏锐的,闪闪发光难以让人忽视,我们可以从中感受到那个瞬间。


RÁN will be launched add Design March the  in end of this month in our flagship store in Reykjavik. RÁN is inspired by the mythical sea goddess Rán who is mother to nine daughters, each of who personify the waves of the sea. As the goddess of the sea, Rán's favourite colour is gold, which she finds in the countless sunken pirate ships on the seabed. This in turn has inspired the use of gold in the Rán collection, which is crafted in Reykjavik from yellow gold plated recycled sterling silver.

RÁN 将于本月底雷克雅未克 DesignMarch 设计节推出,RÁN 的灵感来源于神秘的海洋女神,她是一个有着九个女儿的母亲,每个女儿都是海浪的代表人物。作为大海的女神,RÁN 最爱的颜色是金色,她在海底无数沉没的海盗船上发现了这个颜色。这也激发了 RÁN 系列采用了金制造,该系列采用了黄金镀金以及再生纯银在雷克雅未克制造。

Aurum 的产品充满了冰岛浪漫的气息,加上这里奇幻美妙的大自然环境,如果奔赴到这里来举行婚礼或者度蜜月将是一个不错的选择。

Aurum 地址:Bankastræti 4, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


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